Snow, Ice, Sleet and more

I watched it snow again today. It was a six inch snowfall with intermixed large and small flakes that drifted, floated and swirled onto the already snow covered ground.

If you look very carefully at the snow coming down you can choose one flake, among all the others, and watch it as it settles to the ground. Its individuality seemingly disappearing into a sheet of white, but if you were able to take some tweezers and find that same snowflake and pick it up, extract it from the collective white blanket, it would still have its uniqueness, its individuality hopefully unaltered by the impact with the ground snow.

Snowflakes share only one specific to sustain their individuality. Cold! Without it, their individuation transforms into a unifying drop of water whose only mission then is to join with others and ascend to the source by ultimately descending to the sea and starting all over again as weather.

We humans also drift through life, but we maintain our individuality despite the climate of being. We do have another thing the snowflake does not have. We have conscious awareness and the sentient gift to make individual choices. We can love. We can hate. We can teach. We can create and we can destroy. Wow! What power.

We humans and snowflakes do have something in common.

In the end we too ascend to the Source and start all over again.

We can find profound introspection in all of nature if we go beyond the obvious.

Let it snow with ice and sleet and more and then bring on the rebirth of spring. Quickly.

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