Lee Rolland Smith

Good Morning All,

The post this morning is personal. Today would have been the 43rd birthday of my son Lee Rolland Smith. A gentle, but vociferous soul who came to teach by the grace of his personality and the truth of his actions.

Rivers of Passing Light
© 1999 Rolland G. Smith

The sunlight mourns upon a mountain stream
And holds its sad within the water’s flow
Releasing luster light in shimmer gleam
To paint the eye in tearful cameo.
I see the future in its draining course.
The cradle of the past is passing now
And sets the present with a wet discourse
Weeping, aching for death to disavow.
Unlike dispassion’s flow swift o’er the stones,
Hard sorrow seeps within the human heart
To reach long past the body’s flesh and bones
Where spirit’s love can never be apart.
Rest you, in Peace and light and love, my son.
You have left the Earth with nothing undone.

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