Snow Again

Snow Again

© 2011 Rolland G. Smith
Another storm is coming through
It’s not like this is something new.
A day of clear then one of Sun
Anticipates a day of fun.
But then another winter storm
To change what we all think is norm.
Some inches here and inches there
And traveler’s cry, “this is not fair.”
But I am snug within my lair
And cannot change what’s in the air.
It’s snow or sleet or rain and fog
It matters not to do this blog.
So let me say to you my friends
Since weather will not make amends.
Just tough it out and shovel fast.
The kids will always have a blast.
When spring arrives and memory’s gone
You’ll sing the flower’s growing song.
And then you’ll be hard pressed to know
When in the past it all was snow.

2 thoughts on “Snow Again”

  1. And traveler’s cry, “this is not fair.”

    I can relate to that…
    Would like this much better:

    "But I am snug within my lair"

  2. The news is full of winter weather this time of year, snowstorms, floods, freezing temps, road closings, airport closings, school and workplace closings,trains delayed and even the government shuts down. All we have is the work to be done!!

    As the spring starts to arrive and thaws the winter weather doldrums…it brings tornados, strong winds, drying deserts, flooding from the snow melting off the mountains. And all we have is the work to be done.

    As the summer comes with it's warm blasts of heat we slow down the swiftness of our feet…the sweat pours down the faces of people, houses get so warm the people retreat to the street, fire hydrants turned on in the city for kids to play in, a/c's are cranking at full speed and fans spin wherever they can. All we have is the work to be done.

    As fall prevails and again we pass into winter we gather the coats, gloves, hats, scarfs, shovels, ice scrapers, ice skates, and ponder how much snow/ice will this bring.

    And again All we have is the work to be done.

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