Africa’s HIV/AIDS problem

Some thoughts on one of the greatest medical emergencies and moral dilemmas of the modern era.
It’s HIV/AIDS infection.
22.5 million of the 40 milion people worldwide infected with HIV live in sub-Saharan Africa.
Only one percent of those who need anti-aids drugs get them. There are organizations that do everything they can to help. One of them is CMMB, the Catholic Medical Mission Board. They and their partners have been teaching and administering medicines and medical equipment to several African countries for years.
In the rural areas of Kisimu, ten years ago 40% of the population was HIV positive, today because of CMMB’s efforts that percentage is down to 18.
But already there are 11 million orphans.
The moral dilemma for the industrialized nations is why have we ignored Africa and the AIDS epidemic for such a long time and let it fester to genocidal proportions. Why aren’t we seeing this as a pandemic emergency?
If we look at the problem from the level of the problem it seems insurmountable. If we see it only as governments, or as it being far away, or as it being not my problem, a dispassionate venue emerges. If we look at it as fellow human beings, then the suffering, the pathos, the inhumanity of it all is shocking and shameful that we let it happen.
I wonder if race has anything to do with it?
Want to help? Contribute to CMMB.

One thought on “Africa’s HIV/AIDS problem”

  1. I look at the sufferings that people all over the world including our country. I do believe as human beings we have to help each other especially when there is a need. People come out and help for nature's extreme damages, however when it comes to a cause to help people or nations with health problems they seem to lack the same consideration. I do not believe it is racist although many of the third world nations, i.e., Africa, are truly suffering.

    I believe it is more of a lack of education in part through our government, news and the people of the UN that don't ask for help for these countries. I know our government helps, but I am sure most of the money we give goes to the wrong hands.

    Other than medical treatment, education is the key to helping the cure and understanding that even tho these people live far away the world is smaller now than ever and what happens in Africa is not Las Vegas where "if it happens there" it stays there!!!

    I plan to give a donation to CMMB whenever I can to help their wonderful organization now that I know about them and the work they do. Everyone should make a concerted effort this year to help wipe out AIDS and all the diseases that are oppressing and killing so many wonderful people.

    Merry Christmas to all who suffer and let their be "light" so that those that can see and understand will help. It doesn't have to be a lot, whatever you can spare.

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