Sunshine and Shoulders

I had a profound awareness this morning as I sat in a chair next to an Easterly window. The sun rose without a morning cloudiness to obscure or dilute its rays. I was reading a new book from Deepak Chopra while the early morning light bathed my shoulders with its warmth through double glazed windows.
I paused in my reading and thought of my old friend, singer, entertainer, actor, activist and environmentalist John Denver and his song, “Sunshine On My Shoulders.”
I replayed in my mind his many gifts to the world.
John was a poet, a singer of songs, a friend to many, an idol of millions the world over. He died in a plane crash in October 1997.  We continue to honor our friend with personal memories of his laughter and his profound intellect.
We remember his public gifts of song and self, his harmonies of love and nature, his vision for a sustainable future and all of the joys of life he shared through an extraordinary ability to entertain.  His songs would take us to places where troubles couldn’t reach, at least for a while. His lyrics encouraged us to seek a higher ground. His hugs were special for they were given without condition and his smile personified his spirit and his love of life and human kind.
Someday we will celebrate his life without the salt of sadness and that’s right. We all come into this world, make choices, make sacrifices, laugh a little, love a little, cry a little and learn through experience that the true importance of life is to share our gifts, to be true to ourselves and to make the world a little better place to live.
I hope I have more sunshine on my shoulders soon. I like remembering my friend.

6 thoughts on “Sunshine and Shoulders”

  1. These memories often show up in a moment one woulnd't expect them.
    When I see "falling leaves" or when I hear of oil spilling somewhere in the world. Or when my brother-in-law is working in his courtyard and suddenly I hear him whistle Annie's Song. *smile*
    It is always close to the surface and I have only started to realize who big the influence of John Denver on me and my way of living is.

    And, yes, I too like remembering him and his smile

  2. It was so nice to read this blog today…I have been weather bound the last few days.. Playing lots of Johns music and loft sorting… I came across a letter from John to me written in 1985.. Just a thankyou letter.. But he has been in my thoughts all day today, especially as here in England we are covered with snow… Lots of thoughts of Aspen and wonderful poetry… I am so pleased you had sunshine on your shoulders..

  3. your word so perfectly describe many of our feelings when remembering John. Have been thinking about him this week a great deal. Perhaps he heard us. He touched many people and still does:)I still wish he was here today.

  4. I feel privelidged for the last 3 years i have been discovering and re-discovering the music of John Denver. My son bought me an ipod and for some reason I wanted the song Sunshine on my Shoulders(I love the sun. I bought a 3 disc album and listened to songs I had never heard before. His words were so special, I had to find our more about him. He has made such an impact on my life and I bless the day I re-listened to the music of J.D

  5. Well, you did it again… with grace and truth, you've Re-Membered a sweet giving soul who lived with great purpose and intention. John Denver accomplished so much. As values dwindle in this age of unraveling, John's gifts and grin of grins remind us of authentic heart and soul.

    It is so very refreshing to read your blog. You are a curious and thinking man and one of the most curious journalists I've read.Your writings provoke thought. thank you.

    I also appreciate Deepak's most recent book and becoming new every day.

    Rolland, may your treasure trove of memories of your dear friend elicit rapture.

    Peace and Prayer for Haiti.
    Cath Meadows 2010

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