New Year Thoughts

So here we are in the first week of the New Year and a New Decade. Now that the celebrations are over and the resolutions made and we are back to work or school, where do we as a spiritual collective community in human form go from here?
I have an answer, not THE answer, but one that seems as good as any other. We continue to create what we call experience, good and bad, so that we can individually and collectively move toward “oneness ” with the Divine. It is the guiding principle of finite existence acknowledging the Divine as the motivator of life.
My conclusion is drawn from nature. Yesterday I watched a swirling snow shower with each individual flake dancing with and within the wind currents and eventually settling into a collective ground blanket of crystalline white.
Once settled onto the earth all appeared to be one covering comprised of individual flakes linked together in a batten of white. The flakes reminded me of our souls, or spirits dancing with physical life. There are similarities between the two that help us understand the divinity within our consciences.
Each of us living on earth, all six billion plus of us, both enemy and friend alike and each snowflake are the individuations of the indivisible. We each are formed uniquely and meld into a oneness, yet we maintain and sustain our individuality.
Once we see that within the frailty of human thought we are really “one,” we will have peace.
I will hold that thought until in manifests as the reality of life.

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