They Just Don’t Get It

They just don’t get it!

I’m talking about Congress. I’m talking about the House and the Senate. These guys and gals get elected and think congress is a career path, rather than one of limited service to the people. They don’t get it that what they do and where they are is a privilege, not a right.

Our Representatives and Senators are sent to Washington to serve us, the people. They are not there to serve themselves with perks, pork, junkets and other financial courtesies that are not available to the rest of us.

We are in financial trouble despite the predictions that the recession, depression is ending. We need solid fiscal responsibility on the part of those who are our voice in the sacred and consequential legislation of American life.

In point of fact:

There was a plan in the House of Representatives recently to purchase four executive jets to transport congressional officials on foreign trips. The 300-million dollars for the jets was to be hidden, ah, sorry, attached to the Pentagon’s $636 billion spending bill.

House leaders figured nobody would notice the paltry $300-million since it was for the military. NOT TRUE! We the people noticed and the line item was abandoned when congress noticed that we noticed.

I still think what needs to be done is to elect all new people, impose term limits, spending limits, perk limits; staff limits on all elected and appointed federal personnel.

Speaking of foreign trips.

This is the congressional August recess. So what do some congressman do at TAXPAYER expense?

They go on junkets. Spouses and staff often included.

Representative John Boehner a Republican from Ohio is leading a delegation of six other congressmen on a trip to Ireland, Switzerland, China, Kazakhstan and to several other countries on a very, very important mission.

They are discussing global and regional economic performance and energy security. I hope they check out the peat bogs in Ireland and learn a lesson from the holes in Swiss cheese.

Economic performance? Energy security? I feel better; I was worried about those things even more than the partisan holds and congressional inaction on confirmations, appropriations and health care.

Democrat Henry Cuellar of Texas and six of his fellow legislators are in Greece, Italy and a few other Mediterranean countries to investigate critical security measures.

We the people were not given much more information because investigating critical security measures is, you know, secret. I’ll bet they see how the Via Condotti shopping district in Rome conducts security against the gypsies and shoplifters.

See what I mean. THEY JUST DON’T GET IT!

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