Federal Spending

What is it about being an employee of the federal government that let’s some people think they can use their Government credit card for personal purchases?

It’s a big story in the news today. Billions of dollars worth of purchases using Uncle Sam’s credit cards did not follow proper procedures. Millions of those dollars went to expensive dinners, lingerie, tailor-made clothing, computers and even a breast implant.

The Government Accountability Office conducted the report.

You know what? I’m appalled. I’m angry. That’s my money and your money that some federal worker think is their money simply because they are employed by the government. In my book that’s stealing, it’s embezzling and all who did it should be fired and prosecuted.

I suppose some federal employees think it’s OK to use the “company card” because many members of the House and Senate do the same thing with earmarked funds, better known as “pork barrel spending”. It’s really not much different than unauthorized spending. “Pork” spending has got to stop too.

Frankly, I’m tired of the waste and my lever in the voting booth will show it.

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