Iraq War

We are now five years into the war in Iraq. The death toll of American soldiers has reached at least 4-thousand. The numbers grow each day. These men and women, sons and Fathers, daughters and Mothers are the new heroes of our republic and not only should they be honored, but so too their families for they bare the burden of a broken heart and the emptiness of a loved one gone.
It is not possible for us to recall at once all the names of those who died on the field of battle in this war. A warriors death should always have the dignity of a name said with honor. Yet all we can do is trust that someday a new etched roll will be created and memorialized in granite as other lists of heroes have been in the past.
It is not much, but it’s what we do and it is sacred.
So in this sixth year of the war, whether you agree with the war or not, let us honor those who served and serve. Send your prayers of protection for those still in harms way and shout your appreciation to the men and women of our armed services and send your good thoughts of compassion to the families left behind. They will feel it.

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