At every anniversary of nine-eleven New York City resonates with the memory of so many who passed. Its a beat of a collective heart. A soft, yet persistent empathetic pulse that says there is life, and pain here.

Ever since September 11th, 2001 the out-breath of our city has been a sigh. The sharp in-breaths acknowledge the continuing ache of emptiness and loss. What follows all loss, however, is an expectation of renewal, and the youth of hope, for life will go on.

Life abounds today in the faces and the actions of people as they move above and below the cobbled cracks of our streets and sidewalks and it dwells in the quarried homes and window stacks of human life and families.

For many people, even years after this tragedy, life is lived with whimpered smiles and the annealed skin of hard hurts. But below all of the pain, all of the loss, all of the tears, all of the memories, there is a definite rhythm to our city, you can feel it. It sings, and its heart says, “I am.”

Sunsets tell us many things besides ending our day with

the golden light of a day’s appreciation or the evening’s

anticipation. Even if we don’t think about it on a conscious

level, our spirit, our essence anticipates a time of rest.

It is also a time of connection to the dreams of

wonder and pieces of information sent encrypted in 

images to the theater of the mind. Messages of love and

counsel from loved ones, our guides or the Source

are displayed on the screen of thought only to be

unremembered in the morning light ─unremembered, 

but not unfelt.

Flowers are evidence of spiritual life. Their innate passion

for finding and following the light sets an example for us

conscious and aware beings. Even the poorest and dullest

looking flowers exude joy as they blossom into a brief but

beautiful existence.

Would that man could find similar joy in his brief existence.

What change this world would then see!

Another way: The Power of Thought

Why have I been silent for nearly six months? No posts despite dynamic events, both politically and socially.

The short answer is that I am concerned about the commonwealth of our nation. I am disturbed that many in Congress fail to see that partisanship leads to unfairness for the common man, common sense, and the common good.

Before my chrysalis of silence, all I wanted to do was to criticize the daily erosion of grace, courtesy, and compromise and warn against the surging extremes on all sides.

I stopped writing because contributing to a negative narrative was not a solution. I needed to think about a different way. What hasn’t been tried before and how it might work. I was even willing to consider that America changed so much that it might be impossible to get back to the core values of freedom and democracy, tolerance for all opinions, and intelligent debate with polite rhetoric.

What I concluded requires some explanation.

I believe thoughts have powerful energy. I think group thoughts are exponentially powerful. These pieces of energy can be positive or negative. If we bombard our leaders with negative energy, it affects them. This is not to mean we should tolerate lies, disparaging insults, and prejudicial elitism, but a thought of positive energy might help change things. If we send benevolent energy to our elected officials, it may help them see and be the light of positive change.

I will always call out inappropriate, illegal, and demeaning behavior from all leaders, but I will not make it my focus for it is counter-productive to the divine light that guides everything.

Sorrow in New Zealand

The Tears of Christchurch

©2019 Rolland g. /Smith

Please tell me when the tears will end;

If you know.

Hate must descend and love transcend


The One God of all, loves us in sooth;


There is no one path to this truth

All ways go there.

To find a way out of your fear.

Yes! Fear.

Let it go and love will appear.