What’s behind the scenes?

I was going to write about a recent trip to the west coast and my observations of our east coast similarities as well as our differences BUT then a news item caught my eye and I couldn’t resist this consideration.

It seems that Mr. Sean Hannity, who has been a staunch, on-air public supporter of Mr. Trump has more than a professional interest in touting Mr. Trump’s graces the public on Fox News.

Mr. Hannity is also a client of Trump’s lawyer Michael Cohen.

In the old days of journalism it was obligatory for reporters and commentators to reveal any relationships they had to what or whom they were writing or commenting about. The reading or viewing public could then judge the efficacy and fairness of the story or commentary and discern whether their was any prejudice or hidden influence. It was also the public’s responsibility to read and listen widely to many sources and make a judgement. The public, being a lazy lot, rarely did their due diligence and still doesn’t to this day. 

Mr Hannity is entitled to his opinions. All of us are entitled to our opinions. It’s one of the graces of democracy. Mr. Hannity has the right to do commentary for any organization that is willing to hire him. As a professed journalist he is not entitled to do commentary on the the President without disclosing to the public his tangential relationship to the Trump organization that might influence the truth of his words or analysis.

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