Some thoughts today on gratitude.

Life’s simple experiences, the ones we enjoy doing, our hobbies, our passions and even the ones that we don’t pursue, but are presented to us, sunsets, the feeling of a warm breeze, a field of flowers, a child singing, a lovers touch, a strangers smile, all of these things engender joy and appreciation, but rarely gratitude.

We take much for granted. Our sight, that lets us see the beauty of the world. Our hearing, that lets us enjoy the harmony of nature. Our freedom, both physical and political, that lets us follow our hearts and interests.

It’s not until we are shocked into loss or incapacitation through illness or injury that we begin to truly appreciate what we had and perhaps acknowledge that if we had it again gratitude would be part of our daily ritual of thanks.

Have a great weekend!

A New World

The world is changed. There was on Tuesday November 4th, 2008 a global quake, a paradigm shift that shook us out of old passions, ancient prejudices, and the archaic beliefs that color separates and diminishes the hope of being.

I have covered political campaigns and elections for over forty years. I have never seen one with so much intensity and intention as this one.

Not since the millennium celebrations around the world have I seen the oneness of people amplified by the joining together in shared and collective joy over one singular achievement.

I am still marveling at the tears, the emotion of so many who worked so hard for the manifestation of a result and then celebrated with the grace of wonder and to the relief of history.

I marvel at the enthusiasm of others around the world who now see hope in their future for they too have ethnic prejudices that need to be resolved.

Prejudice and fear, wherever we find them, must be tossed into the abyss of the past where they belong. If we hold on to these feelings we will inhibit the growth of humanity. We have some serious issues to solve and we can’t let those who fear inclusions keep us from a positive destiny.

Separation has always been the illusion of who we really are. Black, white, yellow, brown and red are the children of the Source. All of us have too often chosen fear to keep the light of our oneness from illuminating the truth of being.

Not anymore.

Welcome to the new world where all are invited to participate as equals for the benefit of all.

We The People

Some thoughts on who won on Tuesday.

We won.

The American people, the citizens who by majority rule, comprise the policy and philosophy of this maturing republic won. The Democrats, personified under the leadership of President-Elect Obama were selected to administer the governmental operation of this country for the next four years, but the winner is “We The People.”

Once again we became the evidence of our beliefs and by public example demonstrated to the world and to ourselves that democracy is still a valid and effective process.

We live in a pragmatic world, often fearful, sometimes cruel and we the people are not perfect, but collectively we strive to live up to the founding ideals of democracy. We shout, we argue, we debate, we accuse and when the votes are counted we accept, we forgive, we get together and we live in diverse harmony until we do it again. That’s greatness, that’s America.

The election of Barack Obama reminds us that it does not matter who you are or where you come from or the color of your skin, it only matters what one does with the manifesting dreams of freedom and opportunity. Congratulations!


It’s Election Day!

Here’s what I hope.

I hope the best team to secure our collective future wins the Presidential election.

I hope the two political sides come together not just in the spirit of cooperation, but in the physical compromise of genuine enthusiasm needed to correct past mistakes, end bickering and prepare a future for our children that is constructed in the grandest vision we can imagine.

I hope this will be the generation of politicians, old and young, who will see the futility of solving conflicts with force, who will see that borrowing from the future is futile for it destabilizes the foundations of legitimate sustained growth, who will pledge to look for the greater good, rather than seek partisan spoils, and who will finally choose to be of service, not just to serve for their own aggrandizement, longevity and advancement.

I hope that health care becomes a right not a pawn in the game of budget politics.

I hope that new examples set in the highest offices of our land become the bookmarks for the business ethics of wall street, main street, and the Sesame Streets of the world for there in lies the future of our planet.

I hope that educational opportunity at a fair price becomes the reality in our land for ignorance and sloth leads to civilization collapse.

I hope the ignorant, the prejudiced, the haters of our society and those who roam the world will find comfort in fairness, understanding in truth and honor in the lives and history they have.

I hope that we all understand that hope without action borders on arrogance and we have to participate to make this a good life, a productive life, a successful life and that we are not due abundance by virtue of birth.

I hope that this will be a time of unconditional love, of courtesy, of honoring our spirits as ONE.