Did You Know?

Did you know the peace we seek is not out there, but in there?

Did you know that flowers were originally created in another realm and sent to Gaia as a reminder of our connection?

Did you know we live in the illusion, not the reality?

Did you know that children today have a different DNA and purpose than in previous ages?

Did you know that each letter of every alphabet on earth has a different vibration that is altered to a collective vibration when combined into words and altered again when words combine into thoughts?

Did you know that a little piece of creation lingering for release in your heart could change humanity?

Did you know that each time you transit from life to life, you begin to laugh?

Did you know that the soul is bigger than the body?

Did you know that love is the unified field Einstein was looking for?

Did you know there is no future and no past, only NOW?

Did you know that God has no judgment; only man does?

Did you know that responsibility is really two words: Response and ability?

Did you know that all of these statements may be true and none may be true, but it is up to each of us to decide?

Trains, Trees and The President

I am sitting in a hotel room listening to the President of the United States talking about the economy, the recession and rebuilding America to a strength greater than before.

I came to this place in order to participate in a meeting on Wednesday that has nothing to do with the economy and then I will return home.

My trip here was via rail transportation. I used to drive to this meeting, but today I chose to come by rail. It was an expansive experience and I will do it again.

At the train station I stood in a group of commuters looking at a big-lighted board giving train destinations and track numbers. Not quite knowing what to do I asked a stranger standing next to me where do I get a ticket. He offered a couple of options and volunteered to take me to the ticket vending machine and helped input all the data needed.

Bravo stranger, even though I know not your name, your service to me was a reminder of what all of us must do to help known and unknown neighbors and strangers, not only when asked, but when not asked. All need is spiritually intuitive by those who feel its necessity.

The environment was a predominant observation on my rail sojourn. The window was my seatmate. I saw trees in winter storage, growing in the most inhospitable places between track and fence, between rail and stone, between cement and junk. Amazing.

The lesson of the trees is the same as the stranger who helped beyond the asking. Without their leaves, appearing when spring arrives, we humans would have a little less life to breath.

These trees set an example of service to all humans. They stand not in a place to display their leafy glory. They are tucked behind buildings and sheds and few people ever see them even though they look at them.

In their growth and growing place they are deformed by the proximity to man’s fences, walls, and concrete surfaces, yet they stand to serve in the simplicity of a symbiotic relationship. Our CO2 for their O2. What a gift of life.

President Obama is now finished with his address to Congress. I liked what he said. I don’t speak for the trees, but I’ll bet they too liked what they heard.

They listen more than you think.

Child Killers

The news headlines are:

“An 11-year-old Pennsylvania boy blew away his father’s eight-months-pregnant fiancée – then calmly got on the bus and went to school.”

“Arizona 9-year-old pleads guilty in shooting death.”

How do we understand children as killers?

Reports of kids and guns are all to frequent. The incidents are isolated, but the story is always the same. A kid, a child, gets a gun and shoots someone and we all say to ourselves, how could that happen?

Somehow, in our society, we need to find a way to discourage kids from violence and to encourage our children to use different weapons in life.

Knowledge is a weapon more deadly that any gun for it slays the ignorance of seeing oneself as a victim or of being offended by the actions of another or jealous of a situation like the eleven year old.

We need to teach our children that there is power in courtesy and that tolerance shows strength, not weakness and compassion is mightier than conflict and giving in to rage or hurt feelings is a useless gratification that brings devastating consequences.

Let us teach our children to be offended by the real things that can hurt them: drugs, bigotry, prejudice and indifference.

Memories and Wisdom from Past Friends

I remember interviewing Garson Kanin and Ruth Gordon many years ago about aging. They were both in their mid sixties at the time and both still very active and successful writers and actors.

They sat on the couch in their living room in New York City. At one point I asked them what was the most difficult thing about getting older. In unison they said, “losing your friends.”

Ruth then expounded on the statement. She said, “My advice to all who are entering old age is to make friends with the young too. Cultivate relationships in all ages so that if you are fortunate enough to grow old you won’t be the only one left in your circle of aging friends.”

In an interview at another time with the late Mother Teresa of Calcutta we talked about life and its seeming difficulties. I asked her what she thought was the most difficult part of life today?

Her answer surprised me.

She said, “Loving your family.” She went on to say in essence, It is very easy to love strangers, but very difficult to unconditionally love members of your family because of living in proximity and everyday irritating habits or affectations. She said, “Pray for tolerance and compassion.”

I had dinner with famed Broadway and Hollywood director George Abbott when he was one hundred years old. Other than a hearing difficulty he was “with it”, exuded vitality and a wise youthful attitude. He was excited about new things and people and interested in life and living.

Perhaps that’s what kept him young until his death at age 106.

Another youthful at heart woman of wisdom was renowned choreographer and dancer Agnes DeMille. I answered the phone in my office one day in the early 1980’s and a voice said, Mr. Smith, this is Agnes Demille, do you know who I am?

I said, “Yes, Ms DeMille, I do”.

She said, “Good, I think it’s time we met. Shall we have lunch? We set a time and place and that began a magnificent multi-year dialogue with one of the great lady’s of American theatre.

I was doing occasional television commentaries at that time and she wanted to talk about philosophy and spirit and the raison d’être of my ethic of offering a non-attacking alternative view of events and issues. We would meet for lunch every so often. She had difficulty walking at that time because of an earlier stroke, but that didn’t stop her from making the hard effort to leave her apartment.

I had the pleasure of briefly meeting the wonderful dancer and actress Ginger Rogers. She sat next to me at a benefit in San Diego where she was being honored. We had a delightful conversation about success, fame and debilitation. She was in a wheel chair at the time and told me the story of her accident.

She said she had been invited by “Ronnie” (President Ronald Reagan,) to attend a function on board the Presidential yacht, The Sequoia. Rogers said she was going down one of the internal gangways when she fell and the injury put her into a wheel chair.

She died not long after our conversation and I put my experience into a celebratory poem entitle “Ginger”.

She lives now in a wheelchair
Aged by grace and not despair.
She once was light in song and dance,
Though now her steps are dream nuance.
She knows she is different now,
Yet mind remembers every bow,
With wishes and abandoned hope
Tucked within mind’s envelope
That once held honors for the pair
When she danced with Fred Astaire.
We all go through this change in time,
With added years above our prime.

I cannot leave you in this tale
For you to think her spirit frail.
Ginger’s heart is young and agile
Though her body is now fragile.
Her inner light is in control,
Patient waiting for bell to toll
The numbered days for time’s release
When all the pain will finally cease.
It was a pleasure once again,
To honor her long lasting reign
As queen of dance and radiance.
I’ll always be her audience.