Choices and Consequences

We all can acknowledge that there are mental, genetic or even social disorders that may stimulate some people to commit criminal and violent acts. We all understand and condemn the disturbances of life that drug abuse can cause, but understanding aberrational acts of violence or despondent terrorism because one didn’t get what they want or got what they didn’t want is different and difficult.

Recently there was a case in point. A man was fired from this job, got a gun, and killed his supervisor and several co-workers. These kind of stories happen all too often.

Destruction, either of property or the taking of lives or even disturbing another’s personal peace because one is feeling bad, or hurt, or feeling unloved is unacceptable behavior in any society. The social admonition could be, “grow-up” or “get-a-life”. The spiritual one is we each create the reality in our lives by our thoughts and choices. So change you mind and change you life.

We need to teach our children that it is wrong to use the aberrations of our society as an acceptable model for action and if and when they ever feel unappreciated or hurt or depressed and everyone does at one time or another, the solution comes from tolerance and trust and service to others. Just try feeling bad or unappreciated when you do something nice for another. It’s impossible!

Radovan Karadzic

Karadzic was captured after thirteen years on the run. The butcher of the Bosnia is now headed for trial before the World Court. He is accused of orchestrating the massacre of 8,000 Muslim men and boys at Srebrenica, as well as the protracted siege of Sarajevo. The world at that time, fifteen years ago saw the pictures, and the bodies, and some felt the pain. The dark and evil phrase “ethnic cleansing” was predominant. Diplomacy failed to broker a peace, and ancient hatreds refused the conciliation of boundaries and the healing of time.

International vacillation on ending that ethnic war in the former Yugoslavia led to thousands upon thousands of new dead. The atrocities continued and the collective heart of humankind wept, as it should, because again it was wrong.

So too should the world’s leaders of then cry with shame and shed their honored legacy for a new holocaust surfaced on their watch. Once again the global community reacted too slowly to bias and hate somehow reasoning this is somebody else, someplace else. Different names, different places, different people, but death by ethnic hate is always the same. How many times and how many generations will it take for us to learn it a final time?

Lyme Disease

Hi Folks,

Sorry for the long delay in posting, but I was bitten by a deer tic and the result was Lyme Disease. Just in case you are the kind of person that spends some time outdoors or perhaps your children do, I have some cautions for you.

Check the kids daily everywhere and I mean everywhere, if you know what I mean. The little sucker that got me was no bigger than the head of pin, but he/she sure caused some big problems.

The headline would be. I have never felt that sick from any illness, disease, flu, cold, or bug that has a name in my life. The symptoms may vary from person to person, but mine started with a slight fever and then it went very quickly to total malaise, aches in every muscle and joint and a giant bulls-eye where the little tyke attached itself to my right arm on the back of the bicep.

I was expecting it to be Lyme Disease, but I did not expect it to be so debilitating so quickly. I did get to the doctor as soon as the bulls-eye appeared and have been on an antibiotic for a few days now and even though I still feel rotten, I know within a few weeks I’ll be back to normal. Good hunting.

G-8 Summit

President Bush is attending the G-8 economic summit in Japan.

I remember as a little kid growing up in the early part of World War two and reciting hateful rhymes against the Japanese and in particular emperor Hirohito. We were, after all, at war and our fathers and uncles were in harms way. I guess it was our way of dealing with the adult frustration and anger that filtered down to us kids.

The Japs, as we called them then, were the enemy. Today they are the Japanese and we are demonstrable friends and fierce competitors.

Emperor Hirohito was 88 when he died in 1989. He ruled for 62 years from the Chrysanthemum Throne and became the longest reigning monarch of the world’s oldest imperial line. He saw his homeland go from a super military power, to crushing defeat, to a world economic power achieving in business what it could not do in war.

Hirohito saw his life go from being considered and treated as a living god, to a position largely ceremonial, as is the case today with his son.

The G-8 summit, in part, is to figure out ways that the world’s richest nations can help the world’s poorest nations. The Japanese are the evidence that the move from poverty to riches can be done. It takes collective help and a strength of character and a ideological world that is willing to see itself as ONE. The miracle of life is not in the oneness, it is the diversity within the oneness.