Almost Over

It’s the Monday before Election Day and for some of us the responsibility is done. We’ve voted, but for others tomorrow is the day to exercise their right of choice in the most important election in fifty years.

I say fifty because I didn’t appreciate politics before the 1960 election of John F. Kennedy. Roosevelt was President when I was born and I remember Harry Truman and it wasn’t until 1964 that I was old enough to vote. I do remember the 1960 election as a teenager in college listening to the election returns on a small radio in my college dorm.

As I recall, JFK excited many of us to participate in the future of America. It was not a bad time for Americans, but we wanted something more. We were coming off eight Eisenhower years of peace and prosperity after the terrible years of austerity during World War Two. JFK energized the patriotic genome in many political neophytes and we became involved.

I think the political dichotomy of Barrack Obama and John McCain has excited the same latent genome switch in many Americans and whether the vote elects Obama or elects McCain that switch stays on for more Americans than ever before and politics is changed forever.

Important choices remind me of the great Iroquois Indian Nation who never made major decisions without first meeting and extrapolating the consequence of their decision to seven generations hence. Other interesting rules of the Iroquois were that only women could elect a chief or depose one. Only women could declare war.

We often forget living in this liberty melting pot that to get the pure red, white and blue of democracy you mix colors and beliefs and cultures together.

America began as a nation with a noble destiny to show a divergent and burgeoning world that freedom coupled with democracy is a noble path to greatness and from that greatness comes power and success.

America’s new President must make a commitment to be of service, not just to serve. America has not yet finished her revolutionary pledge to the integrity of an ideal. She is not done being a positive example of responsible and participatory government, nor is she finished being an inspiration to the oppressed of the world and imbuing perennial hope within a global citizenry. The inner covenant of Democracy, through equal opportunity and the pursuit of happiness, is still valid and universal.

The Congo

Nobody is paying much attention because we’ve got far more local issues with which to deal: the election, the economy and all of its attendant problems.

But in the Congo there is trouble. People are being killed and displaced because of insurgent and rebel actions. The Congo you say, what’s that got to do with me? In subtle ways it has a lot to do with each of us.

We are a planet of divergent tribes on convergent paths. We meet in symbolic counsel every once in awhile at the United Nations in New York and try to work it out.

Part of the problem seems to be when we are not together trying to find pathways to the greater good, we seem to forget our humanitarian and spiritual connection and that we have the power to stop indiscriminate killing, ethnic cleansing, genocide and religious degradation. Never forget we have the individual and collective power to say “NO!”

There is a way to remember we are all part of each other. The next time you enjoy a candy bar think of this.

The chocolate may have come from Ghana, the peanuts from the Sudan, the corn syrup from Iowa, the sugar from Ecuador, the butter from Australia, the paper from Canada, the ink for printing from the Congo, the fruit from Israel, and if the candy bar is wrapped in tin foil, it probably came from Thailand and if it has coconut, it probably came from the Philippines.

Add to this all the people it took to bring those products to market for export, and you have millions of people all over the world who have in some way contributed to your enjoyment of a simple candy bar.

Simple people in the Congo, family people who only want to live in peace and raise their families, are being murdered, forced to leave their homes in an indiscriminate disruption that warring factions have constructed and we and the rest of the world are too busy with our troubles to say, “NO!”

I often wonder how much shame our karma can endure before…

You can fill in the ending.


Here I go again…I often wonder from where these thoughts come, but they do and seek expression through the power of words.

How far back can you remember? Take a moment and direct your mind to find your earliest thoughts. Sweep all distractions from your mind and with some silent concentration you will be able to guide your memory to the time when your mind was new and unencumbered with intellectual illusions in boxes of time.

Once you are there get comfortable and will the mind to pass the gossamer barrier of illusion and you will know the splendor from which you came.

Poet William Wordsworth wrote:

“Our birth is but a sleep and a forgetting: The soul that rises with us, our life’s star, hath had elsewhere its setting, and cometh from afar. Not in entire forgetfulness, and not in utter nakedness, but trailing clouds of glory, do we come from God, who is our home. Heaven lies about us in our infancy! Shades of the prison-house begin to close upon the growing boy, but he beholds the light, and whence it flows, – He sees in it his joy.”

Wordsworth is poetically saying that before we came into this physical plane, we existed in glory as conscious beings whose spirits are enthused by the light of omniscient Love and each of us is encouraged to be that love in the density of matter through experiential choice.

I believe that life is eternal. Matter and physical form is not. Physical life is only one manifestation of temporary being. The Master Jesus said, “In my Father’s house there are many mansions.” Earth is just one of the many schools for learning. Some proclaim, it is the only one, but singular belief comes from the density of our form, not from the gnosis of our being.

In whatever worlds and realms we reside, we are the divine emanations of God’s love, and perpetual life is His gift. We are the individuation of the indivisible. The reality of our life, the personification of God’s gift, is our choice based on a direct precipitate of what we think.

Descartes hypothisized: “I think therefore I am.”

The Buddha: “What we think we become.”

It’s not that we have lived before or that we will live again, it is that we never cease living.

I’m gonna go and think about ice cream for awhile. It’s easier!

True and False

Good Morning Friends,

I can’t wait for this election to be over. I said the same thing the last presidential election and the one before that. Rumor, lies and innuendo run rampant in our media outlets and especially on the Internet.

I was sent another false claim the other day. It was a fake receipt allegedly signed by Michele Obama from the Waldorf Astoria Hotel in New York City for over four hundred dollars for a lobster dinner for two including caviar and Champagne.

The New York Post ran a story about it. A couple of days later the Post ran a retraction saying it wasn’t true. They were duped by a Political Action Committee (PAC) who sent the false receipt to discredit the Obama campaign.

Political Action Committees are beholding to no one. They can say whatever they want, make up stories, tell lies and do. Their intent is to create damaging rumors for people to believe and pass on. Common sense would tell you check it out, but it is in the nature of human ignorance to believe what you want to believe whether it’s true or not. Why is it we’d rather transgress than transform and transcend?

My new book, Stone Wisdom comes out in a couple of days. One of the entries is a poem entitled Election Limerick which I wrote after the last Presidential campaign. It seems appropriate for this post and as a commercial plug for the book.

Thanks for the indulgence.

Election Limerick
© 2008 Rolland G. Smith

Some thinking today on the pain
Of this past election campaign-
A rhyming viewpoint
To scold, not anoint.
How negative drives us insane!

Notice it’s easier to breathe
With no more political sleaze.
The ads are all gone.
Let’s vow from hereon,
To demand politics that please.

Imagine what that would be like
Back to times of Stassen and Ike.
All words must be clean,
No phrase could be mean,
Commercials could only unite.

Start it with political speech
And the rule to follow for each:
Find something that’s nice,
That’s true and precise
With phrases that honor and teach.

Maybe we should make it a law
For parties to lead or withdraw.
All ads must be true-
Now that would be new-
All perfect, no lies, not a flaw.

Tell us truthfully, where you stand.
If you need it, bring in a band.
Keep it clear! Direct!
The truth in effect,
And politics would then be grand.