G-20 Summit

It’s time to think about the effect of thought on world leaders.

President Obama travels today to the G-20 summit in London. The organizers have suggested that this event could make a significant contribution to global economic recovery. Leaders of the G-20 countries are attending along with their finance ministers and top bankers.

There are some people who believe the thoughts we have for others are seen physically in our body language and sensed psychically through an unseen energy. It’s been called many things, good will, prayer, light, vibration, and even the force.

Assume for a moment that our thoughts are a personal energy we can send to someone, even to the twenty world leaders and ministers meeting in London.

The men and women who govern different countries of the world are constantly being criticized or cursed by the citizens of the world for one reason or another. We are all quick to criticize, but we are slow to encourage, so our leaders are bombarded by negative thoughts.

To help our world, perhaps if we send our best thoughts to these fallible men and women it will inspire them to make choices for the common good and with common sense. If it works, if a little piece of our hearts, our energy, can indeed be felt by these men then we have everything to gain in this process. Problems get solved, change becomes positive, cooperation is the rule and mutual respect for the planet and humankind creates a global benefit.

Try it! It might work. We’ve got nothing to lose.

Perhaps next year the G-20 could be expanded to G-40 or G-60. Looking at the map above you’ll notice most of Africa, the Middle East, and Central Asia are missing as participants in the economic discussion. If we are looking at improving a global economy then everyone should be included. It is interesting that the G-20 comprises 80% of the worlds economy. What does that tell us?

Earth Hour

Saturday evening for one hour all over the world electric lights were extinguished as an environmental symbol to lessen the carbon footprint that humankind inflicts upon the Earth.

Here is the way the Associated Press put it:

“…illuminated patches of the globe went dark Saturday night to highlight the threat of climate change. Time zone by time zone, nearly 4,000 cities and towns in 88 countries dimmed nonessential lights from 8:30 p.m. to 9:30 p.m.”

I took my place in the earth hour of darkness and I felt the hopes of the world and those living on it. It was an emotion of expectation, a sustaining wish, a colossal collective push to acknowledge that environmental harmony is essential for the future of the planet and humankind. It was not a dream. It was and is possible. It was happening.

I wonder if you felt it even though you may not have turned your lights off for the hour. All over the world there was a global hour of simpatico accommodation for common awareness. Wow!

I’m not sure it matters if all the lights went off for it never takes all, it only takes a few hundred thousand souls to hold a vision, to feel the joy, to expect the potential outcome and when that happens the whole world changes in an instant.

A paradigm of belief always becomes the norm of life. It is a shift of awareness, and a vision of being better than we were. It takes so few human thoughts to shove the collective conscience into an unalterable stumble that sets us upright.

All my house lights were dark and a single burning candle took their place. The flame that flickered for the hour illuminated my shadowed soul as the wax of imagination burned the bright of knowing into my mind. In that singular joy came the brilliance of living in the moment once again. It was an exquisite experience to participate in a Gaia consciousness.

What’s Gaia some may say? Gaia is the name of the Earth in the personification of understanding this planet. Gaia was and I suppose still is the Greek goddess of Earth. A Gaia hypothesis was formed by some scientific venues that view the Earth as a single organism. Sentient. Aware. In service to the angelic human kingdom.

The hour ended and so did my revere. I was left with the present and a presence of something greater than the self.

Then I wondered if anyone cried. Cried for the joy of change and for the harm we’ve caused the Earth.

The Voice

Good Morning All,

I trust your day will be perfect and that your weekend will be filled with inspiration.

I guess it’s becoming a ritual. Friday posts will be poetic. My thanks to Canadian photographer Claude Charlebois for the inspiration of his magnificent and spiritual photograph.

You can check out his inspiring photography at the following address.


The Voice
© 2009 Rolland G. Smith

I heard a voice the other day
It simply said, “I love my trees.”
The sky had clouds in swirled gray
With beams of light that bent my knees.

I listened more to what was said:
“My trees are friends and teachers too
They are the key and spirit thread
To prove that life will all renew.

Tell all of those who wish to know
The love and light of Source Supreme,
The lesson from my trees will show
The Truth is just before your dream.”

Watercress Spring

I took my first spring walk in the woods yesterday. The place was alive, but at first glance you wouldn’t know it. You have to peek, probe and be still to see that life abounds beneath and within the ground and even at the edge of branches and twigs.

There is something spiritual about the spring season. It’s a celebrating renewal and rebirth for many religious communities and disciplines, and it’s a regenerating time for all of nature.

As I walked a meadow some of the old leaves from last fall are still embedded in the tan and matted grasses. The leaves are now a deep brown and black in color. They are withered, wet and drained of their nutrients in order to nurture renewed growth and new life from the seeding winter winds.

The Lichen on the rocks and trees seemed a bit greener in its grayish demeanor. I know that Lichen florets grow more slowly than Pluto orbits the sun, but this day, only to my observation, there seemed a burst of colored growth in their crocheted stillness.

All along the path were fallen limbs and branches pruned by the cutting winter winds and the gusting breezes of spring. I stopped to push and drag them aside so the path would be clear for others who follow.

At a pond I looked for signs of small fish, turtles, tadpoles, and water bugs, but I could only see an occasional gas bubble from the decaying leaves underneath the surface. It’s too early yet since the ice just left the pond last week and each morning, when it’s cold enough, there is a thin sheet of ice on the surface until the sun hits it a few hours later. Only then do the wild ducks descend for a mating dance and ritual.

Besides the trickling stream that fills the pond most of the year, there is a side spring that drains its underground flow into the pond. But there in the middle of the crystal spring was the brightest green of growth I’ve seen so far this early season; a patch of Watercress about the size of a large hug.

It got its early start from the warmer spring waters surging from deep underground.

In many ways we are like the watercress plant. We are warmed by deep spiritual waters from an inner Source and we grow despite the outward climate or birth conditions and our only nutrient is unconditional love. Amazing.