Isn’t it wonderful how the blizzard came in, left its mark and then moved on?

We, humans, do the same. We make our statement, leave our mark and then move on?

Two of my neighbors showed up with snow blowers. Without asking, each did a half of my driveway and moved on. I called each with profound appreciation.

Weather is neighborhoods. When climate gets involved, it screws things up.

Now You Know

200-years ago the United States was a brand new, independent nation, but it was small. In the early 1780’s the rugged line of the Appalachian Mountains was keeping most of the young country bottled up on the east coast, but not for long.

Rugged settlers began to push west into the territorities that would soon become new states. One of those new states was called Franklyn, named in honor of Benjamin Franklyn.

Its first hardy settlers were mostly hunters and trappers who faced continuing battles with Indians. The area was within the boundaries of North Carolina, but hundreds of miles from any state protection and services. When the new settlers asked for protection, the North Carolina assembly saw that this would be expensive and told the settlers to go it on their own. To emphasize their point the North Carolina lawmakers cut the territory out of the state, and ceded it to the U.S. Government.

So in the 1780’s, the setlers tried to form the state of Franklyn, elected a governor, adopted a constitution and formed a general assembly, but now, North Carolina wanted the territory back and its legislature voted to repeal the act of cession.
The frontier settlers said no and continued to call themselves Franklynders, but statehood collapsed into confusion and finally in the 1890’s the issue was settled and Franklyn entered into the union as part of the new 16th state. Tennessee.

The Harmony of Life and Music

Music is the wonder-filled vibration of the Universe.

All music is vibrational grace. Music is the tonal breath of harmonic awareness, and it is different for each. It can be a single sustained note that affects us. It can be a chord, either a dominant or a diminished one, but it must be a harmonic of our being. Then we not only feel and hear the music, but we are it for the moments of connection.

How else can you describe the joy of classical music for some and the abhorrence of it by others? How else can the twang and story of folk tunes and country songs reverberate within some and distance others with distaste? Music must vibrate in unison with our spirit. If we feel nothing, then the music’s vibration belongs to somebody else’s appreciation.

Have you ever listened to a melody and it was you in the intimacy of recognition? You grabbed it. It held you, and it was yours forever. It became your song and the perennial invocation of conscious emotion every time you heard it.

Musical vibration in all its finite varieties and glamorous harmonics hold us in an invisible embrace. Tonality and its root vibrations remind us of the Source so that in our forgetfulness of daily life we might choose to remember that material existence is temporary. Life, as we know it, is experiential and designed only for spiritual growth resulting in the evolutionary At-One-Ment with the Source.

Have a musical day.