Kentucky rules!

My question to America is this:

How and why do we allow a single senator from Kentucky to control a path of America’s future?

He refused to let President Obama Supreme Court nominee, Merrick Garland, ever to get a hearing before the Senate delaying a possible liberal justice from ever becoming a member of the Supreme Court.

McConnell has never run for national office, nor does he represent a majority of American citizens. He is one of two Senators in the 26th ranking state. Because he is Senate Majority Leaders in the Senate, he has power.

Kentucky’s population is roughly four-million 399-thousand. The rest of us number 304-million, give or take a few hundred thousand. He has hardly a plurality for the immense power of obstruction and unilateral decision granted to his office.

Mitch McConnell uses a power that is un-earned, unfair and in a democracy may be unconstitutional. He even brags about his decision being able to move the country to the right of center.

He seemingly cares not for the compassion of many in more liberal constituencies and only for his narrow view of life and liberty honed in the great state of Kentucky.

A question on life’s value

I was sitting reading by a big picture window when a Downy Woodpecker hit the window with a loud slam. The Downey’s are the smallest of the Woodpecker family in North America.

I went out on the deck and the little bird was breathing heavily and writhing. I was at a loss at what to do. I did not want to frighten it further by rushing to its side. I tried to send it healing thoughts of love and compassion, but quickly it turned over a few times and died.

I was saddened by the visual experience of this little creature whose life just ended in front of me. I picked up the lifeless, but still warm bird. It was so soft and light, just ounces of weight.

My heart ached for this loss of a life force as I disposed of the little one with a private prayer and the unanswerable question of why.

A few hours later I killed an ant crawling on the kitchen counter. The second I did so I felt a questioning remorse.

Was the bird’s life and my sadness at its ending more sacred than the life of the ant? Why did I not feel sadness for the ant especially after my experience with the Downy Woodpecker?

These are questions we all need to ask ourselves as we go through the emotional experiences of conscious choice.

One ending I witnessed and the other I caused.  The dichotomy of sensitive emotion is troubling.

More on the Childen

I know there are many sides to every story. I know it more than most. My heart will not let this story go.

I know that the only side of this story I hear now; the only side of this story I feel now are the pleadings, desperate cries of children calling for their “Daddy” or “Mommy.”

Those cries transcend laws, both the made-up political laws and the real statues that enable current interpretation to sanctify cruelty under the guise of protecting America.

When laws are enacted, they are constituted under circumstances that existed at the moment. The passage of time, whether an hour or decades often changes that; then we need to change the laws quickly. To falsely insist Democrats are to blame for family separations is an egregious attempt to justify a cruel and inhumane policy to force legislative action.

I have joined the indigent throng of American’s, both republican and democrat, who say “this is wrong.”

Donald Trump is the first president who has exercised and embossed the inherent dictatorial powers of the presidency. Something that we need, as a nation, to look at constitutionally. Mr. President, before we collectively have the opportunity to send you away to the judgment of history move your ego and arrogance aside and do the right thing. The pleas of intellect do not work for you, perhaps, the wails and tears of little children will.

Children ripped from their families

I am appalled. I am ashamed of my country. I am angry at a policy that is inhumane and an affront to the sacredness of family. I am alarmed that the United States of America cleaves children from their parents who cross our borders to seek a better life.

In plain and simple words. It is wrong. It is cruel. It must stop.

Where is the once sturdy backbone of America? Where is the outrage? Where is the indignation? Where is the ethic of compassion? Where is Congress?

This policy is a putrid blot on the history of America. There are other ways, so let us find them.