Is Anybody Listening?

A friend of mine asked the other day, do I ever feel like I’m shouting into the wind. I answered.

“I think truth has always been shouted into the wind for it is then blown back into the cradled face of thought for discernment.

I am reminded of Shakespeare’s King Lear, Act 3, Scene 1
“Bids the winds blow the earth into the sea or swell the curled water ‘bove the main, that things might change or cease.”

Truth does not shout into a zephyr wind for change or ceasing. In my view, it prefers the tempest as a carrier back to the source for constant examination, but it also benefits those in the lea of the wind who hear the fragmented muffled sounds of something different and get curious.

And so I shout!”


Long-Term Care

Long-term care homes are not an uplifting place to visit, but they should be. When one is approaching the end days of their productive lives because of a debilitating illness their surroundings should be filled with bright colors, music, and art; easels of canvas and posterboard with trays of washable paints should be everywhere so when inspiration strikes any one of the patients can express it.

Visiting a friend a while ago in a long-term care facility I walked several hallways in which the infirm, the halt, the lame and the chair-bound patients were starring into the mindless space of blank walls; boredom is killing them more quickly than a disease.

What I’m suggesting is a change of internal scenery and sound in all long-term facilities. Let comforting music echo through the halls of hope. Have a sound-proof room with a karaoke machine.  Let the brightness of color festoon the rooms and passageways. Let the drab garb of the dedicated caregivers reflect the lightness of life, instead of the medical seriousness with which they must contend every day. Why can’t we make their uniforms in fuchsia, celadon and cerulean blue, decorate them with colored lights and flashy trinkets? Distraction is often better than medicine.

My friend told me of one elderly woman who had not left her room for two years. She has no family and few friends. Being alone is a condition that seems to be a curse of old age when you outlive most of your generation.

This is America. We can correct this. All it takes is “intention” and action will follow.

The Power of Manifistation

Have you ever wondered why things that we want or wish for never happen?

Me too!

If you spend time on it with earnest thought; the kind of thought that requires contemplative meditation without judgment. The kind of thought that pushes aside the original desire and the expectation of it happening, you come up with, “it wasn’t meant to be,” but that does not satisfy the “why.”

The “why,” as an answer, is always spiritual and depending on your level of awareness it is either understood with acceptance or relegated to the blame side, the finger pointing side, of not getting what we want. It didn’t happen because of this person or that problem.

We come into this density to experience mortal life in the newness of being, to experience growth through the trials of choice and we learn quickly that all choice, as a product of free will, has consequences.

Thought is the beginning of all creation.

Mortal living is the manipulation of energy through choice. Manifestation takes three things: intention, concentration and time.

If you want to create something; be specific, hold the thought and by spiritual law it must happen for energy follows thought, but it happens in spiritual time, not mortal time.



Where Next?

Now that the election is over both sides of the political spectrum are evaluating their futures.

I hope all can come together not just in the spirit of cooperation, but in the physical compromise of genuine enthusiasm needed to correct past mistakes, end bickering and prepare a future for our children constructed in the grandest vision we can imagine.

I hope this will be the minion of politicians, old and young, who will see the futility of solving conflicts with force; who will see that borrowing from the future is futile; who will pledge to look for the greater good, rather than seek partisan spoils, and who will finally choose to be of service, not just to serve for their own aggrandizement, longevity and advancement.

I hope that affordable health care becomes a right not a pawn in the game of partisan politics.

I hope that educational opportunity at a fair price becomes a reality in our land for ignorance and sloth leads to civilization collapse.

I hope that we all understand that hope without action borders on arrogance and we each have to participate to make this a good life, a productive life, a successful life.