Nature’s Grace

Nature’s beauty happens when it is least expected. I was visiting a dear and long-time friend, and as we sat on the porch at the end of a busy and perfect day, the universe unfolded into an explosion of scenic beauty.

I often wonder about sunrises and sunsets. They seem to emulate the grace and light of life’s births and life’s passings.

An esoteric teacher once said to me that for many of us, when we pass, we begin to laugh. This sunset amplifies his truth.


The Threats!

The verbal rhetoric of two bullies is endangering the tender peace of our world.

The powerful words of President Trump to match the threats of North Korea’s sociopathic leader positions America into an untenable path of fire and fury rather than the options of difficult talk.

Yes, talk! Each side has postured itself into a belligerent position. This is not just between two egotistical leaders; it is now between the new way of global cooperation and equality and the old way of war.

It must not happen. The world needs to be done with devastation.  The consequence will be near annihilation for millions and millions of innocent people.

A news report today said that North Korea has a weapon similar in destructive power as the one dropped on Hiroshima.

To make the bomb that hit Hiroshima, according to author Eric Schlosser, the US used 141 pounds of Uranium, basically all of the processed Uranium that was then in existence.

In his book Command and Control, when the bomb exploded most of the enriched uranium was blown apart before the bomb reached the “supercritical” phase. He says, in the end, the huge explosion was caused by just 0.7g of Uranium. As Schlosser notes, that material weighed less than a dollar bill, and it killed 80,000 people.

Can you imagine if all 141 pound of Uranium had reached the critical stage?  Don’t imagine, expect the modern day equivalent, even from North Korea, to be far more refined and sophisticated.

We don’t need posturing bullies in the world today; we need statesmen and stateswomen, diplomats, and diplomacy to defuse this worsening confrontation.  This situation is global, not just America and North Korea. Pray, my friends that the little minds of humankind can morph into a cosmic understanding that we are all ONE.

Oneida, New York

It isn’t often we get a chance in our later years to go back to a place and people of our youth. I had that experience over the past weekend.

I grew up in a post-war time and in a bucolic place. It was a small city in central New York. At that time, it had industry to employ its citizens. It had a railroad that ran through it that separated the north and south side of the city. Trains stopped daily. It had, like most eastern cities, its wealthy, its middle class and its poor.

It had a small movie theatre where I changed the marque twice a week, and I was paid five-dollars and free movies. Not bad for a teenager in the 1950’s.

I went back to visit at the invitation of an old friend. The friend was wonderfully the same but educated with the maturity of time and the wisdom of age. My town, however, was no more. The industry was gone. The railroad was gone and the downtown buildings I once thought of as elegant were in the troughs of deterioration; even two of my school buildings were gone.

Architecture and elegance of place are a lot like our bodies. Time takes its toll on all things, flesh and façades are not impervious to the ravages of time.

What I did notice was that the city had moved outward. The elegant homes were now where farms used to be, and my small city was being dissolved and absorbed by  bigger cities nearby.

Maybe someday gentrification will change my Oneida. If not,  my memory will hold until I pass.

Uncle Sam’s letter to Emma Lazarus

The Office of Uncle Sam

Symbol of the United States of America

August 2, 2017

My Dear Ms. Lazarus,

I trust this letter will reach you on the other side of being.

I regret to inform you of a recent proposal by the current administration of United States of America.

It has to do with your area of expertise – immigration. I won’t get into the details of the plan right now, but suffice it to say that no longer will the Mother of Exiles welcome the tired, the poor, the huddled masses yearning to breathe free. Our long-standing national policy may change if the proposal becomes the law of the land.

We have a new colossus in the White House. There are many who think he can and will change the status quo because of his uncanny approach to what was organized and established government. Some of his hopes and wishes have merit, but the suggested implementation of many proposals is suspect under the rule of law and the historic tradition of this land we call America.

If you have the time would you please inform Mr. Jefferson, Mr. Adams, Mr. Madison, and Mr. Franklin,  The other framers of our sacred constitution have been told by other contacts in this office. Also please copy Mr. Lincoln and Mr. King for there are other implications that they should know about.

Until this issue is adjudicated, would you please extinguish the lamp you lit beside the golden door.

Sincerely yours,

Uncle Sam