The Bane of Noise

Noise! You know the kind that spills onto your sanity and disturbs your inner peace because it grates upon the divine din of your connection to the Universe. What triggered this was a walk with my spiritual advisor, a nine pound Yorkie and Shih Tzu mix. We were both listening to the welcoming warble of nature when an overbearing truck shattered the tranquility of a peaceful walk.

She cringed, and I turned my hearing aids down.

The world today is filled with noise. It used to be filled with melody and the music of nature. It used to have harmony and tonal pleasantries, with the profound interstitial presence of quiet. It now has the unfiltered and the unadulterated noise of shouts, argument, discords, and the screeches of contentious life, punctuated by the grind of motors, horns and mechanical equipment.

I’m not sure how noise usurped the thing we once called “peace of mind,” but it did, and we suffer its loss with every fleeting moment of quiet that instantaneously reminds us of our natural state.

Occasionally, I get to re-experience the calm that comes from quiet. Meditation often leads to that experience. It is an excellent calming balm that holds me in a moment of peace.

I know there is more, I just must stay quiet long enough to get there.

Global Civility

I’ve been wondering lately if the world has been flooded by some alien ray that eliminated civility from humankind.

I look at the contention stories permeating the global and even the local press in all regions of the world.

Wouldn’t you think that all people alive today would have some experience of or observation of hate, prejudice, violence or anger and not like it or want in or near their lives?

The poor attack the poor because they see what they don’t like in others in themselves and can see no way out of what they don’t like.

The rich belittle the rich because others have more or less than themselves and they live under the illusion that success, security, and safety is having more.

Republicans criticize Democrats because that’s what those out of power do even though partisanship relinquishes their elected responsibility to seek the greater good for the whole.

Religions contend with other beliefs saying my way is the only way to worship the one God of All That Is.

The old besmirch the young because that’s not the way they did it and they can’t remember their youthful enthusiasm for the zest of life.

The Young disrespect the elderly because they see their passage in the old and cannot accept vulnerability and decay.

Race diminishes race because few understand the sacredness of culture, traditions, and family is the same for all.

This stuff has been going on since the beginning of humankind.

Perhaps it is just remembering what civility is and then practicing it because it is the right thing to do.



McConnell’s Gambit

Senate majority leader Mitch McConnell is a shrewd politician. He has now said he will extend the Senate’s legislative session by two weeks into their scheduled August recess. His purpose is to get the Senate to pass the Health Care Bill.

In my opinion, his real purpose is to pressure reluctant Senators to vote for the bill so they can get home to SCHEDULED family vacations, events and personal time, so precious for many national politicians. Those of us who are parents know you don’t want to disappoint or break a promise to the kids.

It’s a cruel way to try to get your way.

Same old – same old…

Here it is Monday morning and a new work week begins. We’ve finished with our Independence celebration week. We’ve had the President return from his travels in Europe, Poland, Germany and the G-20 summit, his meeting with Russia’s Putin and a few awkward moments in the limelight.

For those who support Mr. Trump, there will be accolades and ribbons for his demeanor and actions. For those who don’t like him, there will be criticism.

Politically nothing has changed. Congress, returning from the 4th of July recess, is working to replace Obamacare. The Republicans don’t have enough votes to do it alone, so some are suggesting that working with the Democrats might be a way to get a compromise bill passed. Other Republicans think that is a bad idea.

So, nothing has changed. Contention is the rule, the method, the modality, the prevailing model for the House and Senate to legislate.

One side or the other is not alone to blame. They all are suspect, they all are not working in the best and greater interests of a diverse American people. Governing takes courage. Legislating is sacrifice and compromise. It’s hard work.

Contention was also the rule during the continental congress in Philadelphia, but they, in their divine guidance and founding wisdom, found a way to compromise and we got our Constitution, our Bill of Rights and our system of government. A Republic! A nation governed by the rule of law.

Is 21st-century mankind so different? I suspect what we are missing is divine guidance.