Channel Surfing

Every time I flip through the channels I asked myself many questions. Why would I want to ever keep up with the Kardashians?

Why is it necessary for Trump to put snitches in all of his cabinet departments?

Why do we need to upgrade, improve, and more weaponized our well trained and well equipped military when we say all we want is global peace?

Why would anyone want to go out in the wilds naked and afraid?

Why would I want to watch a half-hour of making air-fried Donuts?

Why would I want to watch anything on FOX fake news?

Why do I watch television anyway?


Common Sense

Many years ago the school board in Altoona, Pennsylvania had a policy allowing historical or religious documents to be displayed for 25 days in the school building.

The Ten Commandments was the first posting.

The caveat was that no document could show disrespect to an individual, ethnic group or religion.

Then the school board learned that the Baha’i faith, Wicca, atheism and gay rights history were to be displayed, they quickly voted unanimously to stop considering documents for display.

Rather than take away the words or images and icons of various beliefs, because they are controversial and rather than hide them in textbooks on dusty shelves, perhaps the school board should have considered festooning the school with many documents as they walls could hold. And while they’re at it, hang the paintings and pictures of the great teachers from many beliefs.

Moses, Mohammed, Jesus, Vishnu, Gandhi, Zoroaster, Chief Seattle, Buddha, MLK and many more. Our children, then and today, need examples of inspiration, not intolerance and fear.

Put up or shut up!

Come on Mr. President, put up or shut up.

It is wrong for you to continue to say Trump Tower was bugged by President Obama when all others in the know say they see no evidence to support your claim. State your evidence or let it go!

What you are doing to the American psyche is divisional, and it is discrediting to the office which you hold. It is time for truth; not Trump truth. Your diversionary rhetoric may have worked in the business arena. It will not succeed in the political forum called democracy.

Trump’s Rally

Believe me! I try not to do this, but the President of the United States is speaking about the 9th Circuit Court, and he is vilifying a Hawaii Judge’s decision to temporarily halt his plan of people coming into the United States for six Muslim countries.

It’s a rally in Tennessee. Behind him with every pause of applause are the bauble heads of obeisance.

Believe me, I am trying to give Mr. Trump a chance, but common sense, discernment, facts, and the Constitution stand before me as the bulwark of righteous defense.

Yes, I agree with many that we need a change in our political system, but we don’t need to destroy what we hold sacred to accomplish it.