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Climate and Cheney

Good Morning from cold Key West. It’s supposed to be warm this far south in the good ol’ USA, but so far nobody told that to Mother Nature. Record lows they say. If I wanted record lows I would have stayed home where the low temperature this morning was minus two degrees. Oh Well. The weather seems to be one of the two topics of interest and conversation this morning. The other one is television talk on the interview remarks of former Vice President Cheney…

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Some thoughts on courtesy. Courtesy is the ability to be aware of the needs and concerns of others and to respond to them with selfless grace. It is an attribute of character. It is also a waning personal craft in today’s culture of instant gratification, in the self fulfillment of the “me” generation. When you see it in abundance, courtesy is worthy of comment. A number of years ago I flew with a Navy medical contingent to Croatia in the former Yugoslavia. The flight was…

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Super Bowl Commercials

A lot of people watched the Super Bowl on Sunday night. It was broadcast throughout the world and what did the world see? An American game called football and American life called commercials. The game was competitive and exciting. The commercials were suspect, silly and stupid. Many falsely depicted American life, values, morals and styles. Wouldn’t it have been a perfect time for the United States Government to spend a million plus tax dollars and take one minute of time to tell the world that…

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