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Our Hero Dead

With President Trump not acknowledging, until yesterday, the deaths and then the returning bodies of American warriors returning from harm’s way; it is an affront to life. Mr. Trump failed to acknowledge that once a warrior is dead, politics end and honor begins. The dignity of bringing him or her home with ceremony and solemnity and saying a warrior’s name in public is important to the validity of service, not only to the family but also to the social and patriotic permanence to our society.…

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A Hike

I spent Saturday in the Catskill woods with two friends, both experts, and historians on the life and writings of American naturalist and essay writer John Burroughs. The three of us hiked up Woodland Valley following the same bark road path that Burroughs’s did in his essay about climbing Slide Mountain in 1885. Even though I am lame a little today from the exercise, it was a moving and rewarding experience for me as I recounted Burroughs’s essay. “What a forest solitude our obstructed and…

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A Trump free day

I wonder what it would be like? An entire day, a full twenty-four hours where the word Trump is not written, spoken, uttered or given breath. I mean no disrespect to the office of the President, but his name is on every channel, tweet, column, and conversation. I hear his name at the lunch counter, the post office, and even the dump. Today, when you tune in or pick up a newspaper Trump is all over the place. For some, his name and anything he…

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