The Weekend

I’ve had a pleasant and comfortable weekend. I have played golf ever since I was a teenager and continue to enjoy the game albeit in a different level from when I was young. My attitude to and within the play has never changed. I am there to enjoy my friends, the day and the nature offered by the architecture of the course.

I spent the weekend glued to the Masters Golf Tournament. It is the quintessential tournament in the game and indicative, in many ways, of our global gestalt.

Master’s players were from many countries. China, India, Japan, Australia, several countries in Europe. It’s a United Nations of the sport. Golf is the only sport where you are your team. It’s individual against individual. It’s the only sport where fans keep quiet until the swing is finished. It is the only sport where courtesy and etiquette to your opponent is part of the game. It is the only sport where you call infractions upon yourself.

Would that we could get the world’s countries to do the same.

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