A Play or the Truth?

“The time is out of joint”…as Hamlet noted. He was referring to Denmark; I am referring to the America of today.

Our President congratulates Putin for winning a sham election despite that he was warned not do so.

Our Congress continues to abdicate its responsibility to curb the actions and rhetoric of a maverick president.

Austin, Texas is under siege from a serial bomber. I continue to ask about all those willing to kill the innocent. From where do you come? It can’t be from a place of peace, an ethic of love, an essence of compassion or a spiritual understanding of the value of life. In any dogma, “thou shalt not…” is sacred.

No ideology has the right to kill. Those disturbed, those illusioned and demon’s claim it falsely.

Hamlet was right.
“Something is rotten in the state of Denmark.”

Am I wrong?
Something is rotten in the State of America!

One thought on “A Play or the Truth?”

  1. Following the news this man (I won’t call him president) scares me to death. To me he is just stupid…. sad enough he is still in power 🙁

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