Sunday Morning Meditations

Sunday morning meditations in the living room where I rarely go.

We are in a tumultuous period of our human history. Look at what’s happening in the world to validate the statement. What all of us learn from the process is that we can’t control it. That frustrates some and emboldens others for there is a struggle between forces of the new and the concrete of the past. The answer may come from the carnival wheel barker who chants “round and round she goes, where she stops nobody knows.”

I hope we each don’t have to wait until we have nothing to lose and nothing to gain before we change our thoughts and thus our minds. It seems to me the need to be right is the problem. If we let go of that, we may receive the grace of transcendence.

Enough of Sunday morning! I’m looking forward to the truculent energy of Monday morning, so I can learn again and again to let go.

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