Unwanted Phone Calls

There is so much going on in political Washington, that I will leave it for another time and post.

I do have a question for the readers of this blog. Has this ever happened to you?

The Phone rings. It’s a number you don’t recognize. You reluctantly answer, and there is a very slight pause, and then the person says, “I’m Hazel with accounts services, and I want to talk to you about your account.”

By that time I usually hang up, because it’s either a scam or an advertisement.

Other calls are from some police organizations, and it’s always with a forceful live guy on the other end pitching help for the FOP, the PBA, the SBA, or some other benevolent fraternity. They never listen. They are insistent. If I say I give to my local law guys, they say, let me put you down for just ten dollars. By this time I’m indignant, and I hang up, not without an expletive or two.

Apparently, if you are on the “do not call list” you have to re-up every so often. I just bought a new phone system. It has a call block feature. I love it.

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