The Dictionary and the hands of time.

As I watched the news from the White House tonight, I picked up a dictionary to look up a word. As I held the book, I looked closely at my hands. A visual reminder that I am in the September of my seventh decade. Some wrinkles, some protruding veins, some blemishes outside, but inside all-over it doesn’t feel any different than my thirties. My mind, however, is acute, discerning and curious.
I looked up my word and then as I put the book down it magically opened to the “O’s.”
There on the page was the word, “obfuscation.” My glasses fell off, and I thought I saw in blurry clarity the meaning.
1. the action of making something obscure, unclear, or unintelligible.
Then there appeared, in my mind,  the second, third and fourth meanings of obfuscation. They were names.
Kelley Ann Conway
Sara Huckabee Sanders
Donald Trump
Under See Also: It listed the following agency
a. EPA
I put my glasses back on, and the book closed.

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