Some new year thoughts from now and then.

I am me, and I am you, as you are me and we are ONE with All!

Last year, this new year and beyond. Today, yesterday and now is an on-going invitation for all of us to be courageous. To be true to ourselves.

We are all prodigal children, who, as adults, may return to the comfort of innocence by questioning our choices that bring us to this moment in life.

Every life journey, to ultimately embrace the truth of who we are and to shed the illusions of mortal density must slay the daily dragons in the caves of self-creation. Dragons, however, cannot be slain with the social weapons of today:  smart-phones, tablets, competitive fashions, or even the atavistic beliefs embedded in human history.  Illusionary dragons are slain by peeling away negative attachments and connecting once again to the source, to the divinity within each of us as us.

Today and tonight and even tomorrow as we pass through each other’s lives and thoughts, we are each a reminder, to the other, that we can find our authentic selves by going within to the still point of the divine.  Then as we return to the daily demands of life; to a living, sometimes expressed in suits and dresses, in events and duty, noise and fear, success and failure we take with us the knowing that only through peace and appreciation of things beautiful, can we find the solace of the Source.

I believe each of us receives blessings from unseen guides who live forever in the universal light of ancestry and in the angelic realms of inspirational belief and counsel.

These guides, collectively ask that we honor the divine rhythm, the music of the cosmos and remember it through our thoughts and chants and prayers. They ask us to dance the life dance that links us to the Source, to the All That Is, to the beneficence of so many names.  They pray with each new beginning that we forget old hates, prejudices, fears, and retributions for they are the fodder that keeps the dragons alive.

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