My Birthday

Seventy-Six years ago this morning I was born. Thank you! I know what you just said. Like everybody my years had their ups and downs, but overall a magnificent life with family and profession. As far as I know, I’m healthy. I have a few activities that are age-related restrictive and a few I’ve discarded voluntarily.

Spirit Diver

© 2001 Rolland G. Smith

I saw my soul, before its birth,

Upon an image deep in space

And dove, from high, down to the earth

To again breathe the breath of race.

Through a tunnel, I did steal

Into a womb of warmth and love.

A strange forgetting I did feel

While on the passage from above.

My leap was silent till my cry –

Awakening in birthing strife.

That must be when I said good-bye

And died into the new of life.

When I awoke with earthly breath

And density to comprehend,

I knew that birth is like a death

Each is the same; there is no end.

Now that I’ve written my celebration, looking at the news, I am saddened and alarmed at the fires in Ventura, California; so many are hurting from the Santa Anna Ill-winds of destruction and Mr. Trump’s ill-advised decision to move our Israeli embassy to Jerusalem. I can’t remember a more disruptive time in our history primarily caused by our elected leaders without a moral compass or a sacred understanding of America’s history.

i.e., Alabama’s Senate race and Trump’s and the RNC’s endorsement of Roy Moore an accused child predator running for Senate from that state.

i.e., The current tax bill now in a conference committee.

i.e., Trump’s ability to fire investigators probing his potential illegalities.

i.e., Trump’s ability to pardon accused felons and liars.

i.e., Trump’s continued denial of what he is quoted as saying and his denial and alteration of truth.

i.e., I could go on…..


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