There are probably as many definitions of enlightenment as there are people who experience it. Enlightenment is unique to each.  All can achieve it, it’s a simple choice, but getting simple is difficult.  The process involves meditation, prayer, intent, selflessness and learning to identify with that part of you that is a spiritual being.

The concept of being “enlightened” is Buddhist in nature, and one who is “enlightened” is also “awakened.”  The Buddha, in fact, means, “the awakened one.”  Other religions and spiritual teachings throughout the ages have used the image of “light” to denote a condition of awareness or transcendence.

The Hindus perceive enlightenment as “God-realization.”

In the study of Zen,  enlightenment is called Kensho.

Some Christian sects use the word “gnosis” for enlightenment. Gnosis is Greek for “knowing or knowledge.”

Also in some Christian Icons or paintings, saints are depicted with halos of light around their heads.  The halos are a representation of one’s Aura, an emanation of energized light that portrays one’s state as an enlightened or holy being.


I read somewhere, “an enlightened person is not somebody who has reached the topmost rung of the ladder. Enlightenment is getting down from the ladder;  getting down forever and never asking for any ladder again, becoming natural.”

So how do we become natural?  By being unconditional love.   Unconditional love is the manifestation of God’s light, through us, as us, to another and God’s light is the precipitate of Divine oscillation, the Sacred Vibration of The One.



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