I’m Not Sleeping At Night

I know I am like many Americans who are appalled at the lack of dignity, decency, and diplomacy from Mr. Trump. His trampling on sacred rights, his denials and alterations of truths, his disrespect of women, his recent tweets of hate and prejudice against Muslims, his bellicose rhetoric with North Korea and his tax plan to embellish the corporate rich of America is leading this country into a cemented position that does not fit our collective future.

Where are the noble ones in Congress to stand against lies and misuse of power and the increasing possibility of nuclear war? Where are the righteous ones to put aside political positions and stand against the usurpations of freedoms and rights?

Impeachment is a process positioned by our founders to right the innocent wrongs of the electorate and the unethical choices of demented leaders. Where is the clarion call in Congress for what is right, not for what is politically expedient?

All of us have the right to personal opinions and to speak for them. The right, the left, the middle, any ideology, does not have the right to impose their absolute position on all. America is not a base core of partisan and minority beliefs; it is an amalgam of legislation through the consensus of compromise and the rule of law.

If we forget it and decline to act, we lose and so does our republic.


One thought on “I’m Not Sleeping At Night”

  1. Yes, Rolland, I feel as you do. Very distressed at what has become of our democracy, our decency, our once-proud nation. It is nearly in shambles. This is the dissolution of the institutions that apparently must fall so that what is new and next can rise from the ruins. We need a new creation. We need a new kind of human to govern us. A KIND human governance, a governance that CARES for its citizens and the Earth we inhabit so thoughtlessly. Mother Earth is giving her comeuppance, make no mistake.

    The only peace I occasionally find is in the knowing that I am a very small part of this (r)evolution, a homeopathic dose of insight, vision, compassion, innovation. So are you. Let’s remain in contact. Peter’s new book, “Sacred Universe”, gives a good dose of the Big Picture of Evolution. Have you seen it yet? Only available through our website, http://www.earthstorycalendar.com . Also, I am about to publish my book “Love’sBody Speaks” Embodying the Sacred Feminine in the New Millennium”. I hope you will read that, too, because it is another piece of information as to where we have come from and where we must go in order to survive as a species.

    Love to you at this holiday season, Rolland.


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