A Lesson from 1988

Humanity is a confusing species. We can kill one another in war or alleys. We can hate and hurt what we don’t know and never even tried to understand. We pollute and foul our home, and we always choose to change something or somebody else, never ourselves.

And then we do something great.

For a small moment in time, back in 1988, the world linked to rejoice in the freedom of two trapped baby gray whales from the Alaska ice. To rescue the young of another species, governments put aside mistrust, environmentalists and oil workers, suspended argument to labor together for a common good and Eskimos did everything they could to save what they usually hunt.

Two little gray whales, either by accident or design, helped us teach ourselves that the essence of life is cooperation, not competition, compassion not conflict, saving to be saved.

There is a lesson to what happened in Point Barrow, Alaska. I’ll bet the whales remember. Do we?”

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