I’m curious Alabama!

I’m curious Alabama!

Just how many women must come forward for you to say “enough” and realize Mr. Moore does not reflect the values of decency in America, to say nothing of morality, ethics and the rule of law.

Some of the excuses said on Moore’s behalf are ludicrous. The man has a problem. The Alabama GOP has a problem, and Alabama has a problem if Moore is the kind of man you send to Washington to represent your beliefs, your desires, and your goals.

Many of you embrace Evangelical Christianity. Not all, but many evangelicals support Moore. As I understand it, the term “evangelical” comes from the Greek word “euangelion” meaning “the good news.”

A Moore candidacy is not good news for Alabama or America nor does it, or he follow accepted evangelical convictions. There is a big difference between prayer and preying.

Alabama if you want to support Moore and forgive his indiscretions, please do so in your state. Don’t send him to tarnish America any more than it already is.




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