The Power of Manifistation

Have you ever wondered why things that we want or wish for never happen?

Me too!

If you spend time on it with earnest thought; the kind of thought that requires contemplative meditation without judgment. The kind of thought that pushes aside the original desire and the expectation of it happening, you come up with, “it wasn’t meant to be,” but that does not satisfy the “why.”

The “why,” as an answer, is always spiritual and depending on your level of awareness it is either understood with acceptance or relegated to the blame side, the finger pointing side, of not getting what we want. It didn’t happen because of this person or that problem.

We come into this density to experience mortal life in the newness of being, to experience growth through the trials of choice and we learn quickly that all choice, as a product of free will, has consequences.

Thought is the beginning of all creation.

Mortal living is the manipulation of energy through choice. Manifestation takes three things: intention, concentration and time.

If you want to create something; be specific, hold the thought and by spiritual law it must happen for energy follows thought, but it happens in spiritual time, not mortal time.



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