Where Next?

Now that the election is over both sides of the political spectrum are evaluating their futures.

I hope all can come together not just in the spirit of cooperation, but in the physical compromise of genuine enthusiasm needed to correct past mistakes, end bickering and prepare a future for our children constructed in the grandest vision we can imagine.

I hope this will be the minion of politicians, old and young, who will see the futility of solving conflicts with force; who will see that borrowing from the future is futile; who will pledge to look for the greater good, rather than seek partisan spoils, and who will finally choose to be of service, not just to serve for their own aggrandizement, longevity and advancement.

I hope that affordable health care becomes a right not a pawn in the game of partisan politics.

I hope that educational opportunity at a fair price becomes a reality in our land for ignorance and sloth leads to civilization collapse.

I hope that we all understand that hope without action borders on arrogance and we each have to participate to make this a good life, a productive life, a successful life.

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