We used to be…

There used to be negative people and positive people. We each had opinions and we expressed them.

The negative people seemed to be opposing, sometimes belligerent, always with a clinched fist, or at least the perception of a clinched fist in any passionate discussion or argument.

The positive people seemed to be open, willing to have a passive discussion and always seemed to have an open hand ready for a handshake and an open mind to engage in a conversation of shared disagreement.

Then something happened! I don’t know what it was, but it was powerful. Was it cosmic rays, divine grace denied, too many martinis, or a paradigm shift in what was balanced awareness. Positive people clinched their fist too.

Today in discussions, in arguments, even in conversations, it seems both sides spew their words with clinched fists.

If both sides in any debate embrace the tightness of tongue wrapped in the diapered clothe of not-listening, we are doomed to conflict, not cooperation.

It doesn’t need to be this way! If each side could back off just a little, if each side could pause, for just a moment, before the lance of ego is loosed to impale the other, we might have the start of what we used to be.


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