Michele Marsh

I am saddened when the passage of a friend inflicts pain on my memory. I Don’t know if I will do this correctly as my mind is still trying to process the physical loss of my colleague Michele Marsh.

Michele died two days ago of breast cancer at her home in Connecticut. She was my co-anchor for several years when we both worked at WCBS-TV in New York back in the 1980’s.

Most people don’t know that Michele was a deeply spiritual person. She investigated connections with loved ones who had passed on to the other side. Her brother for one and then her Mother. She kept that interest through the years as we both shared the crossings of loved ones.

She came into all of our lives, and by just being who she was influenced us in ways we may never know. Her presence was always positive. Her demeanor was always kind. Her talent was always present and presentable. Her fears of not being the best that she could be were always latent in her determination of perfection on the air.

If there is a channel or network up there, over there, somewhere in the ethereal broadcasts of the Cosmos. Michele is the new anchor and with the accelerate grace of omniscient knowing.

Even though we didn’t hang together in recent years, I will miss her.


3 thoughts on “Michele Marsh”

  1. I just saw the obit in the New York Times, and felt unaccountably sad. 63? So young. I grew up in the NYC area in the 80’s, and remember you and Michele as co-anchors. You had to be the most glamorous duo on the airwaves. Michele, with her big hair and you with your mustache. God bless Michele.

  2. Even though I’ve been out of the NYC/LI area for over 30 years, I vividly remember you and Ms. Marsh as co-anchors on CBS. You two were the best in NYC… back in the day when news was news, and not entertainment. I was very sad to read about her passing in Newsday. A classy lady paired with a classy gentleman. Rest in peace Ms. Marsh. Be well, Mr. Smith.

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