OMG, The Internet is Out.

Early yesterday morning my internet connection went out, and it was gone for almost twelve hours. I kept checking and called the cable company, several times, but they could not give me a time as to when it would be back on.

I decided to do whatever I would do if I had no internet in the first place. I made the bed; it surprised the hell out of the bed and me. It hadn’t seen a spread in many months.

I thought about throwing stuff out, as I am trying to down-size, but that didn’t last long.

And then I grabbed a book entitled “Spiritual Ecology,” and headed to the back deck which is about five stories high overlooking a three-acre meadow, a small pond and the surrounding woods below. I read essay, after essay, from the likes of Thich Nhat Hanh, Brian Swimme, and an interview with Sister Miriam MacGillis who is carrying on the work of my old friend Father Thomas Berry.

After reading for a while, I stopped to observe what was happening around me. In the upper reaches of the tall White Pines, I noticed the cones, which were green only a week ago, had turned brown, opened, spewed their seeds to grow or to be eaten and were preparing to drop to the forest below.

The same thing with the Maple tree’s bi-winged seeds. They too had turned fall brown and were sailing as confetti in zephyred puffs.

As I contemplated the beginning autumn inwardness, I realized once again, that I am part of the whole; not just the earthly whole, but the entire universe in its vastness of change and growth. I am thankful for the reminder and glad the internet was gone for the day.

2 thoughts on “OMG, The Internet is Out.”

  1. Hi Rolland.
    I like this reflection of what it would be like if the internet was not central. Today I wrote emails and looked up a friend’s website, but eschewed my usual perusal of NYT and FB. They rob me. This does not.

    I am happy to see that you were ‘old friends’ with one of our teachers, Thomas Berry. And Miriam McGillis, too. We have MORE in common than we knew!

    So I sit here in our sunroom as the steady rain falls all around onto the flowers of late summer and the still-green forests. What a blessing.


  2. Oh, I wish I could have known Thomas Berry! Were you able to visit the Green Mountain Monastery? It sounds like a beautiful place. I love Berry’s book, “The Great Work”.

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