The Lone Star State

Whenever nature explodes into an aberrational fury, we quickly re-establish awe for her power and acknowledge our respect, not only for her seemingly indiscriminate manifestation of the elements but using a force we cannot truly understand or appreciate. Fifty plus inches of rain and catastrophic flooding is a continent record.

Those who live in a hurricane’s path know that it’s coming and get away or prepare as best they can. Our friends, our common communities all over southern Texas understood the wind and its consequences but were surprised by the amount of water.

It is difficult for the rest of us to empathetically put ourselves in the shoes of those who live and love there. It is difficult, if not impossible, to feel the fear of nature’s force unless you’ve been there. Fleeing only allows you to take worry with you. All you left behind is gone; taken by an ill wind known well to so many.

In all things, we can find beauty, if we look for it. In all things, we can find the lessons of life and the consequences of choice, but never when we are just trying to survive.

Now is when we must come together as a nation. Politics be damned. Sniping and snipping be gone. Quid pro quos dropped. We need to instantly respond to need.

For Texans the joy of life and the infinite lessons it offers for growth will only come when the mind’s weather becomes a gentle climate.


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