Things have changed

I received in the mail the other day a high-end magazine touting the upcoming fall fashions.

On one page, there is a male model, a good looking fellow sporting and advertising his outer wardrobe: coat, pants, boots, hat, and scarf.

In my working time, I was fortunate to make a good salary, and I was able to buy nice clothes. Things have sure changed.

Here’s the list of what the model was wearing and the cost.

A Brunello Cucinelli coat: $4,495.
Coach wool pants: $395.
John Lobb leather boots: $1,815.
Albertus Swanepoel felt hat: $380.
Prada wool scarf: $690.

That totals to $7775.

The average salary of the American worker is $24,060 a year.

For comparison, the average yearly salary in India is $1600.
The average yearly salary in Mexico is $894.50.

Kind of makes you wonder, doesn’t it?





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