Off my chest!

I try not to comment on the allegations connected with the Trump Presidency. It is increasingly hard not to, but common sense and common decency now require it.

In respect to Mr. Trump’s recent visit to the middle east and Europe, one episode in Rome struck me as overtly and deliberately cruel.

Sean Spicer the beleaguered and berated and battered White House press secretary was apparently looking forward to being in the presence of the Pope. Spicer is a devout Catholic.

He was not with the family or staff list to make the trip to the Vatican’s inner sanctum to meet the Pope. Spicer is the press spokesman. He should be there. It is de rigueur.

That’s mean. That’s this administration. That’s Trump!

2 thoughts on “Off my chest!”

  1. Though I am not a Spicer fan, he has such fuzzy logic, if that is what you call it. But, one would think he earned the opportunity to visit with the Pope since he has had to support the zany and ludicrous press statements he has had to provide the public, has had to try to find ways around questions from the press, good questions. But he cannot answer them because to answer with “the right answers” would be to transgress Trump and his mistruths. I know this is part of the territory, but Spicer should have been included with the Pope.

    Indeed, all who serve him, all who speak for him or interpret what he says, all who do his bidding, must be able to stand in and take a beating. Spicer is no exception though he has taken a fair share of the flogging over time. All of them have felt the sting of Trump’s anger, bullying, and get-back-at-you behavior. I can only imagine what books may be written after this administration has disbanded….

  2. I agree with you …. it is sad to see him try to explain and defend “the naked emperor” and yet it was very sad to see that he was sidelined in such a public and humiliating way. Trump has no compassion or empathy or loyalty ….ooops.

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