The FBI Firing Fall Out

The political pundits are having a free-for-all in their discussions of the President and the Comey firing.

The analysis is one thing, and it is based on one’s experience and intellect. Viewers or listeners will accept and support what is said depending on their personal and political preferences, not necessarily on the known facts.

The truth always lies below analysis and above the ascertainable facts in the reportorial process of the media. Investigative diligence from both the news media and the FBI is essential. The truth will always emerge from solid reporting and investigation. One will bring truth to the public and the other exoneration or charges in a court of law.

There is another item that needs to be exposed or at least talked about. It is the question of demand loyalty from those in power. It is reported and acknowledged that Mr. Trump requires loyalty to him and his vision of America.

To me any loyalty pledged is to the republic, and not to the person in power.

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