The Congressional Rich

Over two-thousand years ago a man said, “forgive them for they know not what they do.”

What happened yesterday in the House of Representatives should invoke those words again.

The poor, the elderly, the ill and so many others would lose affordable health care if the Trump care bill were to become law in its current form. It is unlikely that will happen, but just for the record. The Republican majority voted for the largest redistribution of wealth from the poor to the rich in the history of this country.

The reason, “they know not what they do” is part of this post is that most, if not all, but a few, ever read the bill for which they voted.

We will see if “forgiven” is in the national mindset when the mid-term elections take place in 2018.

One thought on “The Congressional Rich”

  1. Should decisions be made on an informed basis if one is a legislator? If one wants to know what they are supporting and for what they will support, then would one presume legislators would know what that is, other than a title?

    Our representatives in the House voted to pass a bill and sent it to the Senate. It is a monumental one that impacts countless lives and the health of the people of our nation. Many Congressmen admitted they had not read it all or not any of it. Does that seem a bit odd or unusual?

    Is this not smugness or is it arrogance? They decided to not know what is in the legislation, just the title? Perhaps they did not read it because they knew no one in their district would care, or their constituents would not say anything. So they let someone else read it, they took someone else’s word, or they just liked the title – the cover of the book. Maybe they felt a sense of, what’s the use, it does not matter to me. Perhaps they feared retribution from the president (not capitalized intentionally) or the Speaker of the House or those who have given great gobs of money to them, so they they must vote as they were instructed.

    As we have always heard, never judge a book by its cover. In this case, do not judge a bill by its title or by what someone has told you, or how someone tells you to vote.

    All of these persons in the House of Representatives are college educated, many lawyers. Imagine them taking on a case for a client and not knowing the facts? So it is with this healthcare bill, they did not read it, but they voted to support it. What makes matters worse is they are telling us things about this bill that have not been vetted by the Congressional Budget Office or any actuary or economics expert. They have no idea about the costs either. They just are mimicking the words of others? How odd!

    Is it any way to fly a plane Orville or pass a bill George W (Washington that is) ? Or, did they judge a book by its cover? Does this tell us something about the 217 in the House of Representatives who voted to pass this Bill? I suspect it does and we should be very worried.

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