The Muse of Spring

We’ve had a couple of days of warmth here in the East; maybe snow on Friday. Warmth is always a harbinger of what’s to come and spring always brings out my muse.

In The Air

© 2009 Rolland G. Smith


The ache of spring is in the air

Despite the chill of winter’s fare.

I see it in the buds of trees

Whose pokes from ‘neath the twigs do please.


For me a sadness in each spring

When birth and growth cannot re-bring

The energy of parted souls

Whose lives we shared with gentle strolls.


But then I know, I truly know

Life’s light forever keeps its glow,

for when complete, form goes away

And spirit laughs and plays the play.


We who stay must understand

That short or long life’s ever grand,

And ceases not despite the shift

of back and fourth in cosmic drift.


But back to spring and its rebirth

With life profound from sentient earth.

Both warmth and light do bright the stage

Releasing all from winter’s cage.


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