If you give the choice of a cell-phone, IPad, or a computer to a techno addicted child between looking at their devise or a clear evening of seeing the stars, the universe, the heavens, which one do you think they would choose?

If you have a choice of seeing a program that amplifies and enhances the human condition or a program of zombies or aliens attacking a fantasy earth. Which one do you think you would choose?

Given a roadway that sees nothing but the road ahead for miles and miles or a route that is scenic with the beauty of nature, winding in and out of vista after vista, but is much longer, which one would you choose?

Given a choice of a television program, that you like and follow, but has gratuitous violence and killing or a comfortable evening at home with an old book that you once liked, but have forgotten why. Which one would you choose?

Given the promise that you would be forever comfortable and debt free, but another would not because of your choice. What would you choose?

Could you pull the wings off a humming bird to feed a starving family?

Could you kill an innocent person to save a village from destruction?

The answers get harder and harder the more we go within! Don’t they?




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