Downton Abby

I’ve been trying to figure out why the British Television series Downton Abby is such a hit.

I have it now, but first this background.

I am not a big television watcher and have not been for several years; the whys are not important at least not for this post.

On several recent visits with my grand children they and my sons have talked about how wonderful this series is and that they watch it every week. They all enthusiastically recommend it and they say one must watch it sequentially from the beginning.

On their enthusiasm and recommendation I have done so now for the first season episodes. It’s wonderful.

What this series has over any American produced series besides good writing and great acting is a constant generational component. Viewers get tired of just pretty women and handsome guys with a predictable goofy plot or gratuitous violence.

Viewers like substance, real content that relates to the universal emotions and empathy in all of us, rich, poor, white, black, old or young and in the case of Downton Abby, aristocrat and commoner.

The series has characters from every generation and that makes it real. I can’t wait now to watch the second season.

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