Santorum’s Divide

It seems that Rick Santorum is now the arbiter of what people believe. Mr. Santorum suggested that President Obama’s agenda is a phony theology, not based on the bible.

When asked about his statement at a news conference later, Santorum said, if the President says he’s a Christian, he’s a Christian, but he did not back down from the assertion that Obama’s values run against those of Christianity.

This kind of campaign innuendo is absurd. It is destructive, demeaning and inimical to the core truths of our founding declarations.

Leadership is the ability to enthuse, to create, and to accomplish goals for the greater good. Leadership is not pushing one’s individual beliefs and judging another’s spirituality as a political tenant.

Some people strive to be leaders, some are promoted to it, some are elected to it and some have it thrust upon them. True leadership is still based on character and character is the outward quality of one’s inner being.

Character is a visible piece of the heart that others see and feel when we speak. Character does not divide, it unites.

It is fine that Mr. Santorum chooses a public and political arena to show his devout Catholicism; that’s one of our sacred freedoms. To suggest if you do not believe the way he does you are not a Christian is wrong.

I fear Mr. Santorum wants something so badly he will say anything to get it.

One thought on “Santorum’s Divide”

  1. You would make a wonderful “political referee”.

    I wonder how many candidates would be allowed to stay in the game if “fouls” were called, and after a certain number of offenses were committed the player/candidate had to be suspended from the game?

    Perhaps enforcing the “rules of debate” could be the criteria utilized by the refs?

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