Come on China!

You are a great culture. You are a proud people. You have a history worthy of study. You, like all great countries, make mistakes in the daily administration of your vast country and in the illusion that the same rules work for everybody.

O’ Great China, why are you mad at the world’s people who protest some of your choices, who disagree with some of your actions, who see intolerance as your rule. Yes, you have achieved positive results for so many under your control. Yes, you believe that a central command is better for the masses that have not the acquired awareness of what’s good for the whole, but even your ancient honorable culture acknowledges that there may be alternative ways of understanding and interpretation. Check the differences in your dynasties.

Much of your anger to the world is misplaced. Your citizen’s nationalistic pride, though admirable for a population so vast, is misguided for they know not the freedom of individual thought. I acknowledge that all countries have the right to be proud of their heritage, but when actions and heritage are dichotomous then discernment on the side of force is suspect.

For all countries the only sustaining quality of national stability is the truth. It has been that way for centuries and it will be so for all future universes. All nations that forget that truth risk perishing in the detritus of time.

China you have done well to crate an Olympic climate of cooperation so the games can play. Hold only to the Olympic principal of competition, not to the ideological criticism over your political actions in Tibet. Put aside your weapons of words as the ancient city states of Greece put down their weapons of war to honor the games of athletic skill.

Protest is inherent in the human right of being. To stifle, to inhibit comment and commentary is futile to the future of your greatness, to the spirit of the Olympic torch and to the oneness that we are all truly together in the spirit of life.

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