Campaign Bickering

Unfortunately this Democratic Presidential campaign has debased into the common denominator of bickering. We continue, after the Pennsylvania debate on ABC, to have a litany of finger pointing. He did this. She said that. Her action is worse than mine. He’s an elitist. He or she attacked first. It’s interesting most of us don’t tolerate that behavior in our children, why should we in our candidates.

So far, in this Presidential candidate selection campaign, the issues have received short shrift, while the personality, integrity, and history of each candidate has come under personal attack.

Most people want, not only their candidates, but the opposition too, to tell us where they stand on issues that concern us. And just once, I’d like to hear one candidate say of another, he or she has a good heart and the best intentions, but I think my way is better for you and here’s why.

The issues for American voters is not who knows whom. Who worked with whom and what did it mean, if anything.

The issues are living wage jobs, affordable health care, a solid and competitive education, a clean and sustainable environment, safe streets, a reasonable fuel price and drug free neighborhoods.

Debate these things and you have a legitimate candidacy of service. Debate the other stuff and you’re only interested in getting elected.

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