You may heard the story by now. A young Vermont Mother killed herself and her two young children by plunging into an icy river.

When I read of such stories, and there are too many of them throughout the world, I want to believe that there is a place of cuddling comfort and dancing peaceful wonder. A place where toys and crayons never break, and scratches, cuts and bumps do not exist.

A place where teddy bears talk in happy colors, and puppies always wait to play. A place where candy is for breakfast and presents fill the room. Where no one knows what fear is and no shadows hide in halls.

I want to believe that in this special place, every mother who ever lived and loved her children, is waiting with open arms to hug, to love and comfort these children forever.

At the same time I try not to forget compassion for the Mother, who could not see a future for her children or herself beyond an icy river. And I join the dirge of “whys” knowing there will never be an answer I can understand.

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