Bureaucratic Bungling – Again

Whoa! Government. Stop Defense Department! What you are doing is wrong. The Government, (Some idiot in the back office or some congressional committee, a collection of idiots, has suggested that military men and women who were promised a bonus if they re-upped for another tour in harm’s way, must give it back to Uncle Sam because they were not eligible.)

Come on Congress this is stupid. Give up a perk or pork for your district. Eliminate one flawed program, and there are many but fix this.

Not one military member should give back anything for the time served. If it was a mistake by the bureaucrats who run the wars, then the national debt should absorb the loss. It supposedly comes to a total of $20-million. Twenty-million. It’s nothing in the federal budget.

I can’t even believe this is an issue. And Washington, you’d better fix it before election day.


Fall’s Grace

Autumn Times

© 2012 Rolland G. Smith

Who knows which leaf will leave its stem

When autumn breezes blow.

Do angels know or higher yet

When looking down below?


Fall winds are cool and gentle too

To brush the leaves off tree.

One here, two there, and then a group;

A sprinkling-floating spree.


Are leaves, like man, to pass when done

Or is there something more?

Or is there knowing ‘neath the bark

When they must seek the floor?


Within the glory of their green

There lies a splendor bright.

There’s crimson reds and mottled gold

Oh! What a magic sight.


But soon the colors fade to tan

And all that’s left are trees.

Their leafy flesh is gone for now

But there is no unease.


The trees know more than man can think

And all they do is wait.

But man must reason to his core

And wonder ‘bout his fate.


Its true for man that past his flesh

There is a spirit soul

That lives forever-learning love

Despite each earthly role.


So what of leaves that leave their stem

When autumn breezes blow?

Do angels know or higher yet

When looking down below?




The LAST Debate

The Debate!

The little piece of Democracy that is in me and in all citizens who make up our country was still weeping this morning because of Donald Trump. I tried to comfort her, but she wept the soft and salty tears of disappointment. “All losers accept the electorate vote,” she said. “It’s fundamental in the peaceful transition of power; it is our way.”

“I know,” I said, “but egos sustain themselves with bravado and arrogance.”

My little piece of Democracy embraced my heart and snuggled close and asked. “Will it be alright?” “Yes!” I answered, “It will take awhile to put the pieces back together, but it will be alright.”


Never Before…

Never before have I seen so many opinionated commentaries without portfolio.

Never before have I seen to many negative and false statements from candidates for the highest office in our land.

Never before have I seen so much ignorance from the electorate.

Never before have I seen a willingness to give away our constitutional guarantees,

Never before have I seen a passion for violence.

Never before have I seen intelligent people ignoring the facts.

Never before have I seen party over principle. Well almost never.

Never before have I seen hatred and violence encouraged by a candidate.

Never before have I seen a demand for change, even though it’s suspect.

Never before have I seen a political system destruct before my eyes.

Never again do I want to see an election like this one.